Evaluating Your IT Organization - The Big Questions, Part 3

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 check that out first. Our very own Robert Mills has put together a great list of questions that every CEO and CFO should be asking of their IT departments.

The Big Questions, Part 3

by Robert Mills

Many IT organizations are effective and well run. How can you quickly determine if your IT department is effective? When it needs help how do you determine when outside help is needed? Ask the "big questions" and see if your IT organization can pass the test:

Does My IT Need Help? "The Big Questions You Need to Ask"

  1. Program Management

    • Does IT have portfolio management of all of its projects?
    • Do IT projects show a return on investment greater than the cost of running IT?
    • Can the IT team deliver projects on time and on budget most of the time?
    • Does IT have real project management capability? (milestones, PMI certification etc.)
  2. Innovation

    • Is IT researching new and unique IT solutions that benefit the business?
    • Does IT have a process to seek out, pilot, and deploy creative ideas?
    • Has IT found ways to use the latest IT ideas in your business? (Crowd sourcing, Social Media, etc.)
  3. Security and Compliance

    • Is there an IT policy? (Is it up do date?) (Is there a way to enforce it?)
    • Is there a process to investigate policy breaches? (are the people who do this trained?)
    • Does IT have a security and compliance plan and process?
    • Has IT identified strengths and weaknesses and is it doing something to address them?
    • Does IT manage access controls, security architecture, firewalls etc. (and are they tested?)
    • Do they have a formal reliable backup process? (and is it tested?)
    • Is license management in place and do you know what software is installed (on every computer)?
  4. Knowledge Management

    • Does IT know what information is sensitive and who can view it?
    • Is someone organizing databases and data storage?
    • Is there a process for document management?
    • Is there a process for configuration management of software and documents?
    • Is this knowledge used to determine backup requirements and access permissions?
Big Quesetions Help Diagram

If you had trouble answering many of the questions or had many negative answers here in part 3, you may need some outside help regaining control of your IT department. Read Part 1 and Read Part 2.