Evaluating Your IT Organization - The Big Questions, Part 1

We are constantly asked, "How do I benchmark my IT organization?" Our very own Robert Mills has put together a great list of questions that every CEO and CFO should be asking of their IT departments.

The Big Questions, Part 1

by Robert Mills

Many IT organizations are effective and well run. How can you quickly determine if your IT department is effective? When it needs help how do you determine when outside help is needed? Ask the "big questions" and see if your IT organization can pass the test:

Does My IT Need Help? "The Big Questions You Need to Ask"

  1. Culture

    • Does the rest of the business think your IT is doing a good job?
    • Does the IT team believe in and understand the business?
    • Are they accountable for getting IT work done on time and on budget?
    • Are they effective workers?
  2. Forward Strategy

    • Is there a clear strategy aligned with the business objectives?
    • Can the board and the president clearly state what is the IT strategy?
    • Does the IT team have a clear understanding of the strategy?
    • Is the IT team executing the strategy?
  3. Alignment with Business Objectives

    • Does the IT team understand where the business is going?
    • Are the IT people working hardest on things that matter to the business?
  4. Effective & Experienced Leadership

    • Does IT follow the direction of the business leadership?
    • Are the IT managers good leaders?
    • Does IT have ongoing leadership development?
Big Quesetions Help Diagram

If you had trouble answering many of the questions or had many negative answers here in part 1, you may need some outside help regaining control of your IT department. Stay tuned for part 2.