The Technology Executives


Ex-Fortune 500 CIOs Helping Midsize Companies

We Believe

  • That understanding how IT fits into your organization must be planned and deliberate
  • IT decisions should not be left solely to your vendors or inertia
  • The advantages of experienced CIOs must be made available to the middle market

How We Do IT

  • Providing un-biased IT Department Assessments allowing the business to understand the state of their IT. What is an IT Assessment?
  • Providing the planning and oversight to ensure your IT projects ROI is fully realized.
  • By partnering with your middle market business to align business goals with technology.
  • Provide an experienced IT leader whom understands that for businesses, technology is a key enabler. What is an Interim CIO?

What We Do

  • Meet with you and your team members face to face
  • Listen to your goals, current frustrations, and lost opportunities
  • We ask business centric questions to determine IT business alignment
  • Learn more about our Services.

Our Difference

  • Unlike other IT consulting firms, our focus is on helping your business grow through planning and leadership.
  • We understand how technology can streamlining operations, reducing costs, increasing communication pathways, and enable better decision making though data & intelligence tools.

Thought Leadership

The New Executive Mindset: Intervention, not Transformation

When looking at individual management profiles and self-describing narratives, it is hard to find anyone who is not transforming something. As such, the branding of oneself as a transformationist is losing its relevance....

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Eight Key Business and Technology New Year's Resolutions for 2016

The year of 2015 represents a case study in how consumer buying practices are changing, based upon their holiday shopping purchase patterns. Consumers in material numbers are choosing technology-enabled online purchasing and fulfillment using web-based technology. The quantitative evidence is clear: shopping malls are emptier, and distribution fulfillment organizations are finding their delivery capabilities stretched to the limit and then some. Consumers have further demonstrated a preference for a digital, omni-channel, behavior-based, predictive total sales and fulfillment experience. The message is loud and clear, with an exclamation point: organizations will require top-to-bottom IT and organizational transformation to remain relevant....

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The Modern IT Department: Driving Business Innovation

Every working person wants to go home each day feeling like they have made a contribution to the health and growth of their organization. However, members of the IT team often feel disconnected from the organization they work for. They come to work worried about a network security issue, or mulling over a complex programming problem; they are uninvolved in or even unaware of their companies...

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"Thank you for the good work you and your consultants did in the [IT] analysis."

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