"Thank you again to you and most importantly, Jeani for all your hard work and dedication to our IT Department at Athena!"

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Building a Value-Based IT Organization - Executive Workshops

What if every Technology or Business Growth decision was led by a proven Cost Benefit Analysis Model?


  1. Establish and Define Metrics (Financial & Operational)
  2. Develop Scorecard Reporting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually)
  3. Change Staff Focus (Value Creators)
  4. Change IT Management Focus: Value Enablers (for IT, Departments, Divisions, Total Corporation)
  5. Develop and Define Reporting Model (IT Operations, IT Project Justification, Track to Established Metrics)
  6. Move Corporate Culture to Thinking about IT as Value Based Project Managers (Return on Investment Focus for each and every project and Technology Decision.)

The Workshop

Based on Investing in Information Technology by W. G. Bysinger

During this 5 day workshop not only will we deliver the value-based IT model, but also prove that the time spent by your people in the workshop will deliver to you a 3:1 return on the investment. This will not only include the cost of the workshop, but also all the diverted time spent by your staff while attending the workshop. We'll do this as your initial case study to prove how the IT Projects ROI Model works in practice.

  1. Understand the Model for the delivery of Value
  2. Rethink your current Business of the Information Technology Organization with the Profit Center + Value Delivery Model
  3. Build Structures to Move from a Cost Center to Value Focus
    1. Creating the Value Engine
    2. Cultural Change Inside & Outside of IT
  4. Apply ROI Model to our workshop


Our Building a Value-Based IT Organization workshop is $25,500. This includes on-site (or virtual if you prefer) workshop sessions and in-depth discussions with your key executives. All workshop sessions are run by one of our seasoned executives.

Questions about the workshop program, or just want to discuss your needs? Give us a call on our toll-free number or fill in the form below.