Banking In Disruption and the CIO Value Driven Response

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Banking In Disruption and the CIO Value Driven Response in this month's Banking CIO

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"Thank you for all your assistance in conducting a thorough assessment of our college's IT department. I have been working with [our team] to utilize the findings to focus on the top priorities for improvement. I do appreciate your professional expertise."

PresidentHennepin Technical College

IT Strategy Consulting Services


Strategic Initiatives

When planning a critical strategic new initiative system, having the right person at the helm with the necessary experience and track-record is key. Our consultants work with you from inception to delivery guiding and managing the program from the top.


IT Project Turnaround

Our consultants help you get your technology heavy business critical project back on track. Digging in to identify the key roadblocks, formulating a remediation plan, and driving it to completion.


Technology Roadmap

A forward-thinking IT plan for your organization is critical. Aligning your business goals with your technology infrastructure is important in enabling smooth and consistent growth.


IT Assessment

We use best in class industry techniques to review your business and its operations. Upon completion, we provide a detailed Assessment Report with recommendations tailored to your organizations specific needs.


IT Leadership Development

Understanding how your IT budget is being spent and determining the correct staffing levels are key to making IT more effective inside of the business.


IT Strategic Planning Workshops

We work with you to learn your business and goals in every area (Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing), then work together to form technology strategies for meeting those goals.

Don't see what you are looking for? This is only a sampling of the Technology and Strategy Consulting services we offer. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.