Banking In Disruption and the CIO Value Driven Response

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Banking In Disruption and the CIO Value Driven Response in this month's Banking CIO

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"Strategy CIO helped me drive cultural and process change both within my department as well as with our senior leadership team that was desperately needed in order for us to begin realizing our true potential and institutional value. Their direct coaching with me focused and honed my efforts in order to ensure that the change was sustainable. Their support, insight, and encouragement was invaluable."

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IT Project Turnaround / IT Project Remediation

An IT project turnaround consultant is an experienced IT project manager / executive that has the skills and proven track-record to bring a failing IT project to successful completion. These consultants are engaged by companies on a temporary basis for 3 - 12 months. During this period the consultant will assess the current state of the project, identify key roadblocks, and execute on a plan to remediate all of the major outstanding issues. This is a high-stakes & high-intensity environment that can not afford mistakes and requires a special type of project manager.

A project turnaround expert may be needed in the following circumstances:


Our IT project turnaround consultants starts from $12,000/month and includes on-site and off-site time.

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